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Subject 5-Sci-Fi/Cosplay Extravaganza | Facebook


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Datastream: Subject 5 and Niz games!

Note to self: never let your editor choose the thumbnail.

DataFist: We Reached Level Two!!!

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REVIEW TIME (Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky)

We are stil learning thank you for putting up with our really work and your kind feed back we have taken it to heart and are formatting our set up. Once again Thank you all.

DataFist: The First Boss Was Beautiful.

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Subject 5-Sci-Fi/Cosplay Extravaganza | Facebook

Cosplayers come party show off your skills or just hang out and help support and bring to life a web series i know you will enjoy.
CALLING ALL DANCERS: If you think or know your good at dancing I offer a friendly challenge. Beat me And you will have a small surprise waiting

Check link for details help us out thank you all

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Subject 5

Subject 5 is a web series about 5 abductees that are trained by the government to be assassins. If that isn’t epic enough they have powers. These 5 are a government’s strike force working for a mans ideals. Taken and raised from a young are to be tools of destruction they have chosen to rise. Interested? Good because this awesome idea could make it to your screen soon. Subject 5 has an indie gogo campaign with some pretty cool percs. May be your power is to show up one the official page or meet the people behind the scenes (I spit blue fire). So help us make this awesome idea into an awesome show that we all can enjoy and say we were a part of. Give what you can at

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Ariel (with feet) GekeryandSuch Cosplay (10 photos)

This was a fun 2 and a half hour shoot. I asked her to dive off a large pole into the ocean she said no. We will get diving Ariel another day guys. If you like these images check Nikki out at her Cosplay page.


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This was a fun 2 and a half hour shoot. I asked her to dive off a large pole into the ocean she said no. We will get diving Ariel another day guys. If you like these images check Nikki out at her Cosplay page.

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Finally working on v logs Wish us luck support us and spread us as far as your otakustream can reach. Thank you all and enjoy.

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             Oh my god. If you didn’t play the hilarious first installment you dont have much time left. Mugen souls Z is making its way to our shelves this may. I will give you more details later but for now all you need to know is you GET A FRIGEN MECH!!!

DataFist: When will i get my own MegaDues skrew gundams (Bring it internet)

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So I am going to jump right into it. The PS4’s GUI (graphical User Interface) Is one of the worst things I have ever had to deal with not only in a console but an electronic device in general.
Now some of you are already in fuck you mode and to you I say wait until you finish reading to curse me out. If you still decide to curse me out its okay because i just skim past those comments anyway.The PS4’s GUI was judged based as a stand alone device I did not compare it to any other device until I finished the first review.
THE PRO’S If you have internet it is super smooth running from game to PlayStation applications and vise versa. The high resolution quick load themes also run well allowing each section you open seem stylized and personalized to the app or game your using.
THE CON’S While beautiful the actual outline of the GUI is clunky and non-conventional witch isn’t a good mix. While reviewing it as a stand alone device I was annoyed that some of the basic functions that should be labeled or displayed up front or at least in a convenient sub-menu simply weren’t. It took me a while to figure out how to traverse through the interface to fully understand it and how too move through it smoothly.
While it is normal to struggle with a new GUI the time it took for me to get used to it was unnecessary for a game device. When I finally compared it to other devices it made the good things better and the bad things worse. Yes its still pretty and smooth. Yes compared to other devices the layout makes it stand out in a horrible way.
the good news is the slightest improvements can make the GUI 200 times better looking and traversable while retaining the PS4’s style and beauty.

What Do You Think Of The Next Gen Interfaces

DataFist: GUI Sticky Issues